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What is Point Source Audio

About Kentech Labs, Inc

PS-Mi with Universal Dock for iPod

Powered by Point Source

High quality Stereo/Surround sound

Full function remote control

Auto recharges & Sync your iPod

S-Video out feature

Built-in Subwoofer

Unique vertical design with slide-out universal dock

       Price: $126.00     plus Shipping and Tax
                   (iPod not included)



 PS-Mi is a personal/portable audio device that utilizes the new patented Point Source Audio® technology
with Universal Dock for iPod. The PS_Mi has one satellite speaker enclosure section that contain 3 drivers
(left, center, and right) in the top section, and a side-firing subwoofer. All in one single box.
The PS_Mi delivers a rich, stereo/surround sound using only the one single enclosure. Convenient vertical
 The PS_Mi is perfect for those who wish to listen to music play back from their iPod, MP3/CD Players,
or even DVD players. Come with Custom Carry Case, USB & S-Video Cables!

 Work with iPod®models including the iPod touch and any iPod featuring a click wheel, including all Nano,
Mini, Photo, Video, and Classic models. Also plays music with iPhone in the event of audio interference,
set iPhone to Airplane Mode.


 ¤ Built-in Universal Dock for iPod

 ¤ Auto Recharge & Sync Your iPod

 ¤ 1.5" x 3 Full range Speaker

 ¤ 3" x 1 Woofer Speaker

 ¤ Master Volume Control

 ¤ 3.5mm Input x 1

 ¤ 55 Watts (RMS)

 ¤ Fully Amplified - Plug - n - play system


 Satellite Drivers: 1.5" x 3 (Magnetically Shielded)

 SW Section: 3" x 1 (Magnetically Shielded)

 Power Output Satellite: 10 watts ea @ 8ohm

 Power Output SW: 25 watts @ 4ohm

 Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20KHz

 Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 90dB

 Voltage Power: 12V DC

 AC: External Power Adapter

 70 watts total power output capacity

 55 watts (RMS)

 Product dimensions: (H) 9.0" x (W) 3.5" x (D) 6.3"

 Weight: 3.5 lbs

Package Contents
 ¤ PS_Mi System
 ¤ Power Adapter
 ¤ 3.5mm MP3 Cable

 ¤ USB & S-Video Cable

 ¤ Dock insert for iPod Mini, Photo, iPod, and MP3

 ¤ Wireless Remote Control

 ¤ Operating Manual

 ¤ Convenient Carry Case

logo Means

  refers to Point Source Audio®, a revolutionary new speaker system technology base on
 the law of physics and the theory of sound-wave propagation. The PS_Mi is built using Point Source
 Audio® Technology, thus reproduces a single, coherent in-phase acoustic wave that emanates from
 a single enclosure. The acoustic wave results in a crystal-clear, seamless, and acoustically comfortable
 audio image (like "bubble of sound).

What's Point Source Audio

 Point Source Audio®technology is a revolutionary new speaker system technology. Kentech's patented
 audio technology is based on law of physics and wave propagation theory. A speaker system built on
 Point Source Audio®technology reproduce a single coherent in-phase acoustic wave that emanates from
 a single point in the listening environment. The reproduced acoustic wave results in a crystal-clear,
 seamless and acoustically comfortable audio image... as never before heard.

 A "typical" Home Theater system built around the Point Source Audio®technology will use three speaker
 (left/center/right) housed in a single enclosure, we call a Satellite Speaker. This Satellite Speaker will
 typically deliver the acoustic frequency range of 120 Hz~20KHz. In addition to the Satellite Speaker, a
 subwoofer is added to provide the lower frequency range below the 120Hz level. The Satellite Speaker
 works in tandem with the subwoofer to provide the full range audio spectrum, and thus the single, coherent,
 in-phase acoustic wave... easily described as a "bubble of sound".

 In more unique applications, Kentech has integrated the subwoofer and Satellite Speaker into a single
 enclosure for a more personal/portable version of a Point Source Audio®system.
 In either case, the quality of sound emanating from a Point Source Audio®system remains the same...
 clear and acoustically comfortable.
About Kentech Labs, Inc

 Incorporated in 1994,Kentech Labs, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley, California. Kentech Labs is an industry
 leader in the development of cutting edge audio technology, and hold key patents to proprietary
 Point Source Audio®technology.

 Using Kentech's patented audio technology, unique amplified audio systems can be built that delivers
 a single, coherent, in-phase acoustic wave that emanates from a single point in the listening environment.
 The reproduced acoustic wave is a crystal clear, seamless, rich and bold audio.

 The first product to utilize Point Source Audio®technology was released in April, 2001 by Kenwood
 Electronics of Japan, followed by a second Kenwood, and a unique Sony product for their Clic'PDA product
 in 2002. More recent product releases have been sold through the national retailer, Radio Shock.

 Kentech Labs continues to develop applications and derivatives of the Point Source Audio®technology for
 future product under Kentech's new brand.
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